Start with a customized photo that instantly uploads to a 10 foot digital canvas. Grab a couple of digital spray cans and get crazy! Add text, images and even stencils to customize your photo.



Funtastic Photo Events specializes in Green Screen Dream Photos. Dream photos add excitement and fun to any party! Our extensive collection of backgrounds include magazine covers, movie posters, city skylines, sporting events and so much more!

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Get your game on! Guests of all ages have a blast engaging in arcade, video, carnival and interactive games. Our games are great for your cocktail hour entertainment and/or as part of your main event! Funtastic provides full size arcade games, casino tables, money booths/cash blowers, mobile video game stations, table games such as air hockey, foosball, football toss, basketball pop-a-shot and more.

We even have surfing simulator rides, mechanical bulls, and hi-tech radar baseball speed pitch. Pool tables, ping pong, velcro walls, rock climbing walls and quiz game shows only scratch the surface of our endless list of entertainment games that we provide. All of our games are top notch commercial-grade quality.

Our prices include delivery, set up and attendants. Our activities keep your guests entertained and busy all night long! For more unique ideas, call us now.


Funtastic's Wax Hand Art creates a fun and memorable “hands on” activity that provides your guests with super special party favors. Our wax hand process is safe, clean and popular with both kids and adults. Our portable stations provide warm wax for your guests to dip their hands in while our attendants help them create fun, unique, and colorful pieces that they can treasure forever.

Wax hands are a great source of entertainment and Funtastic Photo Events is one of the few companies that offers it! Participants become artist and discover the unique sensation of a warm wax hand bath. Wax hands make a great hands on activity for young and old. Dip into warm soothing wax to create a cool mutli colored keepsake. Possible designs are endless!

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The ultimate Jet Ski simulator featuring and actual Yamaha Jet Ski body! The hydraulic cabinet provides the realistic movement of riding the waves in this motion system. Players can turn the Jet Ski's handle bars, moderate the accelerator, and lean the Jet Ski body with the turns on the course. With realistic 3-D action, several tropical courses and tons of fun, this is a must-have Simulator for any occasion.